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Valerie Thivierge began her career designing and manufacturing swimwear in the mid 70's. Targeted towards juniors, the Wet N' Wild swimwear's fun and flirty designs were carried in retail stores across the country. Thivierge put swimwear on the back burner in the early 80's to become a mother, ending Wet N' Wild's reign as one of the most successful swimwear lines of its time. 

Fully enjoying all aspects of motherhood, Thivierge caught the design bug again, this time for high-end children's swimwear - In 1985, Million $$$Baby was born. Million $$$Baby was an instant hit and Valerie's husband John soon caught the "Million $$$Baby Bug" and switched careers from building houses to running the shipping department for the new "Family Business".  Soon Million $$$Baby swimwear was stocking the racks of the most prestigious stores throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.  If you're under 35, chances are, you wore a Million $$$Baby swimsuit as a child. To this day, Million $$$Baby's impact on the children's swimwear industry can be seen.  

By 2004 with the re-structuring of the way better department stores did business and the demise of the children's specialty boutiques in the USA, the Thivierges began looking for a new product line to develop that would compliment their expertise and many years of working with lycra spandex and the children's industry, VOILA, Gymnastics Wear!  The couple moved forward into this new and unfamiliar "Nix Market" very slowly and carefully for several years under the Million $$$Label until they were ready to launch the new and more appropriate label for the industry, Go For the Gold Leotards.  Having set such a high standard in the children's clothing industry for setting trends, quality and fit, Valerie and John have made a new commitment to carry over those same standards to the gymnastics industry with all of the products they are providing.  They are dedicated to a continued effort for excellence and innovation in the products they are producing and are constantly stepping "out of the box" to add new items to their collection.  The latest and most exciting online venture to unfold is the new Gymnastmall.com!  Not only a one-stop-shop for all your gymnastics needs, but also a portal to custom online pro-shops for gyms from all over the country.

We hope you have enjoyed our stroll down "memory lane" and will come in to visit us often and be amazed at all of the exciting products we will introduce over the years.  Always feel free to call or email us with questions, ideas, concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks for stopping in,     


Valerie Thivierge, President  (239) 872-3037

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